patois (plural: patois)

  1. Any of various French or Occitan dialects spoken in France.
  2. Creole French in the Caribbean (especially in Trinidad and Tobago).
  3. A Jamaican Creole language primarily based on English and African languages but also has influences from Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi.

6 letters in word "patois": A I O P S T.

Anagrams of patois:

Words found within patois:

ai ais ait aits apio apios apt apts as asp at atop io ios iota iotas is iso it ita itas its oast oat oats oi op ops opt opts os ostia pa pais pas past pat patio pats pi pia pias pis piso pit pita pitas pits po poa poas poi pois pos posit post pot pots psi psoai pst sai sap sat sati si sip sit so soap sop sot spa spait spat spit spot st stap stipa stoa stoai stop ta tai tais tao taos tap tapis taps tas ti tip tips tis to top topi topis tops tosa